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2012 Western Road Trip: Wildlife in Grand Teton

One of the coolest things about Grand Teton National Park (and Yellowstone National Park, for that matter) is the wildlife. Since it rained every day during our time in the park, we spent more time in our car trolling for wildlife. We drove the Moose-Wilson Road more times than we could count, just looking for moose.


We were quite successful in spotting moose. Although in the marshy thickets they frequent, it takes some looking.



We saw this fox just down the road from the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center.


Again along the Moose-Wilson Road, we finally got a picture of this beaver. I wish we had taken a picture of its lodge. It was very impressive.


If you visit the park, definitely explore the Moose-Wilson Road area. If you’re lucky, you’ll see wildlife like we did. But if the animals are hiding that day, you still get to enjoy a beautiful drive.

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