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My New Gig

I suddenly realized that I never posted about my newest gig in the outdoors blogging/vlogging world  😯 . I am now working with CampingGearTV as one of two new female gear testers! The two of us are vastly different in our backgrounds as they relate to the outdoors and in our usual activities in nature. I think our two viewpoints will nicely capture the difference in women’s experiences in the outdoors.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Ben and Josh from CampingGearTV and we put together a little video to introduce me to their audience. Enjoy!

Introducing Laura, Newest Member of CGTV

I have already received my first pieces of gear, and I’m excited to record my first video to share my thoughts on what I’ve been using. You’ll just have to wait and see what I’ve been testing out  😉

Bring on the Heat!

It’s November in Wisconsin, and everyone is on edge anticipating the coming winter. I love the moderate temps of fall and spring, but the cold is starting to creep up. Great.

The fabulous folks at Columbia asked me to participate in their Omni-Heat Field Test program. Omni-Heat is Columbia’s new thermal technology, and I have it in their Heat Elite Jacket. As one of those people who is always cold and as a Wisconsinite, I hole-heartedly accepted!

The Heat Elite incorporates both the thermal reflective and thermal insulation technology. A few facts about both:

  • Omni-Heat Thermal Insulation: Helps maintain warmth, prevent heat loss with the highest heat retention per gram in the industry. (It’s also eco-friendly)
  • Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective: Keeps you 20% warmer by reflecting back the heat your body generates, yet helps regulate body temperature by allowing excess heat and moisture to escape.

I’ve been wearing the jacket for a little over a week, and it definitely keeps me warmer than other fleece jackets that I have. Actually, it has been keeping me warmer than my nice wool coat from LL Bean.

Temps haven’t gotten so cold outside as to really put the Omni-Heat to the test, but I can say that the jacket heats up really fast when I’m wearing it inside. Today, I had it on in a cold rain, and it kept me very comfortable. Once it is cold enough to need gloves and a scarf, I’m guessing that this jacket will keep me nice and toasty. And for someone who’s always cold, that’s a welcome thought 🙂 .

Oh, I almost forgot to mention my very favorite part of the jacket: Monkey Thumbs!

I am currently obsessed with monkey thumbs!

Once we hit some hardcore cold, I’ll be sure to write an update on how the jacket performs.

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