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Working Until Winter

And exhale! September and October are (almost) over, and it looks like I’ll finally be reclaiming my home life. It has been a busy fall semester, but the things that made it crazier than past years have all been good. However, I’ll be happy to get back some work-life balance.

Living in Wisconsin, we know that the nice weather will soon give way to snow and cold  😥 With our nice days numbered, we have been plugging along at some outdoor home-improvement projects.

First, we have been working on improving the look of our side yard. There is a hedgerow between our place and the neighbor’s that is technically planted in the neighbor’s yard. While it provides a nice screen, it isn’t maintained well, and we get to see its ugly side. So, we are trying to create our own shade garden shield.

I failed to get a pre-edger picture, but this was our beginning point. (See the bunny?)
Side Yard Project

(Ignore the birdbath nastiness) Our initial birdbath/bird feeders configuration.
Old Birdbath Configuration

And the new set-up.
Revamped Birdbath Area

A new gate and exposed trash bins required some reconfiguring…
Driveway Before

With a new screen.
Driveway After-ish

Garbage Screen

We decided to move the hostas we had along the north side of the house. They were massively huge!
Massive Hosta Plant

We replanted about two and a half of the huge plants along the edgers.
Transplanted Hostas

We also planted dwarf burning bushes along the hedgerow.
Dwarf Burning Bush

With a little mulch, we’re basically done. Jason just needs to level out the edgers.
Shade Garden, Mostly Done

The second project was a little more serious: new windows. We couldn’t afford to do all the windows at once (stupid old house requiring us to special order the awkward sizes), but we took care of our massive picture window and four regular windows on the first floor. Hopefully sometime next summer, we’ll replace the one remaining window on the first floor and the three on the second floor.

We gave new meaning to brining the outdoors inside…at least for half an hour.
Out with the Old

New Picture Window

Isn’t it just so pretty? I’m in love!
New Picture Window

Goodbye old, drafty window. You won’t be missed.
Old Window

The other windows will look even better once we get rid of the old storms.
New Side Windows

We have already noticed a difference inside with the new windows. The light coming in just looks different. I’m also happy that I will finally have clean windows inside and out. They are tilt-ins, so I will actually be able to clean the outsides. I’m very excited about it  😉

The remaining outside project is to tuck point our crumbling limestone foundation. Fingers crossed we can still make it happen before winter. If we can get it done along with the new windows (particularly the picture window), it should make a huge difference in our heating costs. I’ll keep you posted…

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