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Dropping the Baggage

Last week, I shared that I am finally succeeding in my quest to lose some weight. I also acknowledged that I got a little off track during September and October. In particular, my workout routine was completely derailed.

To continue making progress towards my weight loss and fitness goals, it’s important for me to have a plan. So here’s my plan  🙂


  • I am using MyFitnessPal, primarily on my iPhone, to track my meals and calorie intake each day. I switched from SparkPeople in August, right after we returned from California. I like it a lot, and it seems to be working better for me so far.
  • For my meal planning, I’m trying to follow a 300-400-500 plan: 300 calorie breakfast, 400 calorie lunch, and 500 calorie dinner (I will include about 100 to 200 calories in snacks). I was pleasantly surprised to see others following this same concept.
  • For better or worse, I will be sticking to frozen entrees for lunch, a la Lean Cuisine. It’s not the perfectly healthy thing to do, but I need to get my eating habits under control. For convenience sake, I get into ruts where I bring the exact same lunch to work day after day. It doesn’t take long for me to get sick of whatever I’m bringing, and I resort to buying lunch on campus. It’s not only difficult to find healthy options on campus, but it gets mighty pricey. The frozen meals, along with a piece of fruit, help me with portion control and allow for some variety. It’s also easy, which I need these days.

Working Out

  • Cardio: Three days a week, two on the elliptical and a 2-3 mile run on the weekends.
  • Toning: One day a week. I’m back on the Booty Barre.
  • Yoga: Two days a week. I am doing Yoga for Athletes, which is no joke.

I weigh myself on Monday and Thursday mornings. The scale is not for everyone, but it works for me – just as calorie counting isn’t for everyone, but it’s a major strategy that has helped me in the past and is helping me now.

So there’s my plan. I will be checking in on my progress regularly. Hope you stick with me through my journey!

Navigating a Busy Weekend with Fingers Crossed

Well, we are just a little over a week out from our trip out west. However, our travel plans are still a little uncertain.

As I wrote back in May, our original trip – a 5-day loop trip through the Yosemite High Sierra Camps – was cancelled due to snow. After the initial disappointment wore off, we went back to the drawing board and modified our vacation plans. As it stands, we will still visit Yosemite National Park, staying in one of the Tuolumne Meadows Lodge’s tent cabins, for the first half of the trip followed by a drive south to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks for the second half.

Unfortunately, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge is still not open. The tentative open date is Friday, July 15. We arrive on Tuesday, July 19. The conditions in the high country of Yosemite are still that bad. Snow can suck it.

Any good vibes you can send our way are much appreciated.

Even though our weeklong vacation is a week away, Jason and I kept ourselves busy this weekend. Friday afternoon, we headed up to Madison on a quest to find some new clothes for the trip. Our first stop: REI.

While I didn’t have much luck in the vacation clothes department, I did score some of my favorite running tights from The North Face, on sale no less. I also picked up a couple of new books that I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on once I dig into them.

Jason and I followed our REI stop with the mall. I picked up a couple of tops from Dick’s Sporting Goods and a couple from Eddie Bauer. While at Eddie Bauer, I also found a new dress for Saturday’s activity: the wedding of our friends Justin and Erin.

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding, even one that was indoors. With about two hours to kill between the ceremony and reception, Jason and I went on the hunt for food with a view. We found it at On the Rock Restaurant in Watertown.

Jason and I ordered their three appetizers special, the Cardiac Arrest or something of the sort, along with a couple of beverages.

Instagram fun!
Break between ceremony & reception: Doin' it up right!

Jason chose chicken tenders for himself and mozzarella sticks to split with me. I picked the fried pickle chips.

I have read about pickle chips on other foodie blogs, and all the reviews of this snack are right on: they are awesome! I devoured the chips, and if it wasn’t for the meal waiting for me at the reception, I totally would have ordered more.

While we ate, we enjoyed a view of the Rock River.

After our snack, we continued on to the reception. Check out the couple’s super cute cake topper. FYI – both the bride and the groom played rugby in college.

Justin & Erin's Wedding - July 9, 2011

Alas, no hiking this weekend. There was a four-mile run today in the 80-degree heat, so I’m quickly running out of steam. Hoping you had an enjoyable weekend, whatever you spent it doing  🙂

In case you missed it, my first official gear review for Camping Gear TV was released earlier this week. I shared my thoughts on Hi-Tec’s V-Lite Infinity HPI adventure sports shoe. Be sure to check it out!


Let the High Sierra Training Begin!

Now that the Nicolet Bay 5K is over, my sights are set on our High Sierra Loop Trip in July. As I’ve said many times before, I want to be in as good a condition as possible for the trip so that I can enjoy it to the fullest.

I’m breaking my training into two segments: a six-week plan starting now and a four-week shift just before the trip. Here is my current six-week training plan:

David Kirsch’s Sound Mind Sound Body plan got me into the best shape of my life about 5 years ago. You follow a workout schedule tailored to your body type, so for me, I work a lot of upper body and obliques. The focus is on keeping the mind-body connection throughout the workout. You don’t complete a set amount of reps – You follow what your body is telling you to do that day. I get my music going and have a great time with each workout  🙂

Jason and I are hoping to be up to a 5-mile run by the time we head west. Since all of our training will be at a low altitude, I’m hoping that the running (as opposed to walking) will help us build up our lung capacity and prepare us for the higher altitudes.

To help fit in my workouts and to not feel completely exhausted, I’m using up a bunch of my vacation time (and furlough days – Yay  😡 ) over the course of the six weeks.

So far, this week has been great. I’m excited to continue training and hopefully reach my goals!


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