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Feelin’ the Love

My Monday started with a small rant on Twitter:

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Where did it come from? Well, there were two sources. First, about a month ago, I shared a link over Twitter from Glamping Girl about an amazing glamping resort near the Great Smokey Mountains. Well, a random on Twitter didn’t think so. I was scolded for my desire to “glamp” and was told it was “time to embrace the dirt.” Ok  😕

The second kick came via Facebook. Jason and I had just been to the travel agent to get our flight booked to California in July. Since this pretty much immediately followed our big purchases at REI, I shared on Facebook that this had officially become the most expensive camping trip ever. Keep in mind that I tend to be a little sarcastic and snarky, and that’s all I meant to convey. Of course, an old high school acquaintance felt compelled to tell me that I should “quit now and go 100% native.” Thanks for the unsolicited, judgmental advice  😡

To my great joy and, dare I say, surprise, I had a wonderful outpouring of support from some of my fellow outdoorsy Tweeters. And then came this…

Daily Inspiration #16

Today’s inspiration is courtesy of Laura…

Read the full post on The GearCaster!

I was so flattered and touched. It brought a much needed smile to my face.

Remember, people, it’s all about getting outdoors and enjoying nature…in whatever manner and style works for you  🙂


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