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Keep Calm and Pin On

If you haven’t already discovered it, let me introduce you to Pinterest.

At any point in your life, did you have a bulletin board? Did you ever pin pictures or clippings that inspired you? Or did you pin things that made you smile, laugh? Did you pin pictures of beautiful places you wanted to travel to?

Even sans bulletin board, do you clip ideas out of magazines or catalogs? Maybe decorating ideas, workout routines, or DIY projects?

Pinterest lets you do all of this virtually. You create boards, typically around a theme, and then you pin images from around the internet onto your boards. While it seems a little silly at first, you can quickly see how useful it can be.

For instance, one of my boards is “My Dream Home.” When I see house ideas on blogs, other websites, or in catalogs (with images I can find online), I can pin them to my board. When the time comes to build our new place, I’ll be super ready! I’ll know what I want and have the pictures to show for it  🙂

If only I had this when I was planning my wedding. There are some incredible wedding ideas on there!

The other selling point for me…I’m a notorious catalog and magazine clipper. I dog-ear pages, cut out the pictures and ideas I want to save…and have no good place to put them. Now, I have a place – a virtual, space-saving, eco-friendly place  🙂

Here are some of my fun finds:

So many variations on the s’more – S’mores Cookie Bars

Lots of ideas for the house, like kitchens

utensil rack traditional kitchen

And a frightening number of dream laundry rooms.

inspiration contemporary laundry room

Way more important – lots of ideas for our outdoors spaces.

Pinterest inspires me to want to be crafty – like making a dry erase board out of an old window.

And then, at other times, it just makes me laugh…

A few books totally died as I wrote this post.

Squirrel Photo Bomb


Join me on Pinterest. You won’t be sorry.

Great American Backyard Campout 2011

Even though it was a night in advance, Jason and I took part of the Great American Backyard Campout with our niece, Reagan, on Friday night. It was Reagan’s first time “camping,” and it has been something we’ve promised to do with her for several months now.

Our campsite for the night.
Backyard Camping

Inaugural use of our new fire pit.

Nothing like hot dogs roasted over a campfire.
Dinner Time!

Bailey joined us in the campout. She has camped a couple of times with Jason and I, so we knew she’d handle it well. Thea, our flight risk, had to stay inside and miss the festivities (more on that later…). Bailey was in all of her glory. Typically, Reagan gravitates to Thea since Bailey can be a bit much with the licking and need for attention. With Thea out of the picture, Bailey took full advantage.

Focused on a bug.

Campin’ Buddies

I have to say, our backyard is ideal for camping. Even though we live in town, the wooded creek area along the backside of our lot means seclusion from houses on the other side. None of our neighbors ever seem to use their backyards, so it’s perfect.

Looks Like We're in the Woods...Kind Of

We had a couple of “wildlife” sightings. First, Bailey and Reagan spotted a cat a few yards over. The cat disappeared into the wooded area of the yard…and then we heard the insane meowing. The cat was obviously battling something. The cat won – we saw it headed back to its house a bit later.

The other prominent wildlife were birds, particularly a pair of bluebirds nesting in our neighbor’s birdhouse. We all enjoyed watching them fly around.

Of course, no campout would be complete without s’mores. I really enjoyed REI’s The Art & Science of S’mores, and I was sure to share my favorite variation: fudge stripe cookies in place of graham crackers and chocolate. I found the idea online a couple years ago, and I have to say that I prefer this version to the original. I’ve never been a big fan of graham crackers, but fudge stripe cookies…that’s a different story 😀  Reagan likes these “marshmallow cookies,” too.

Marshmallow Cookies!

Once it got darker out and we had our fill of s’mores, it was time to catch fireflies. Reagan started out wanting to catch 49 of them…but she settled for five.

Catching Fireflies

Our Bounty

Jason and I were a little perplexed. The fireflies wouldn’t light up while they were in the jar. We remembered catching fireflies as kids, and the bugs always continued to blink in their prisons our containers. Anyone know what would be going on there?

We headed back inside to clean up and, by that point, I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I felt terribly guilty leaving Thea by herself in the house while we were having fun outside 🙁  We considered leaving Bailey inside with her, but I think part of Reagan’s excitement was over Bailey camping, too. Since today was Thea’s birthday, so I wanted to be good to her. Jason, Reagan, and Bailey got settled in the tent while I headed into the house and up the stairs to my bedroom.

Jason and Reagan woke me up around 6:00am. Jason was freezing all night – Reagan was perfectly comfortable with only her thin sleeping bag. Lying niece or wimpy husband – You decide  😉

Overall, Reagan did great! We’ll try another couple of backyard campouts with her (and me), and we might try taking her on an actual camping trip sometime if she’d like to go.


Did you get out camping this weekend?

3rd Annual Peninsula Camping Trip – September 2010

Jason and I made our third annual camping trip to Door County and Peninsula State Park. For the first time, we included Bailey in our regular trip. Having a dog along definitely altered some of our usual routines, primarily shopping 🙂 . But she also added a lot of fun!

Bailey Keeps Watch Over the Fire

We arrived to Peninsula State Park around 4:00pm and started setting up camp. Bailey had a bit too much energy, so I was mainly in charge of keeping her occupied while Jason put up our screen room and tent.

We made beef stew and bannock for dinner. And of course, we made s’mores – fudge stripe cookie s’mores! I also used my newest camping gear acquisition: a stainless steel wine glass. It is awesome! And to make it even better, I found mini bottles of Wollersheim Winery’s Prairie Fume!

My New Wine Glass!

My New Wine Glass and the Perfect Bottle of Wine

Topping the night off was an amazing moon over the lake. We tried our best to capture it in a photo, but we’re definitely not that good yet.

Moon & Reflection

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