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I’m Back…Again

So how do you like me? I return after a three week break, write a couple of posts, and then disappear for another week and a half. What can I say – It’s September in higher ed land  🙂

For those of you who don’t know, I work in student affairs at our local university (in career services to be exact). While I don’t really work with your typical opening programs at the university, September turns out to be a busy time for me. With students back, appointments start appearing all over my schedule, meetings are back on after the summer hiatus, and emails start pouring in from students and employers. There have also been a lot of late nights attending events related to our upcoming career fair and preparing for my new class (happy dance – I LOVE my class 😀 ). It’s a never-ending stream of stuff…

At least until we hit October.

Of course, life outside of work hasn’t come to a standstill, which is both very good and kind of bad. It’s good because Jason and I have been super social the last few weeks. It’s bad because my house is a minor disaster zone.

Here’s a little look at what I have coming up for the blog:

  • The final posts in my vacation recap – Hooray!! We still have to leave Sequoia/Kings Canyon and wrap-up our time in California with a short stay in San Francisco.
  • It’s college football season and my beloved Badgers are back in action. Jason and I took in their first couple of home games at Camp Randall Stadium.
  • We started a landscaping project that’s progressing slowly. Part of the reason for the project is to create a nice garden and bird-friendly area along the side yard. The other goal is to cover our neighbor’s lack of yard maintenance.

If you haven’t already seen it, make sure to check out my latest gear review for Camping Gear TV. I share my thoughts on the Kigo Curv women’s minimalist shoes.

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