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National Get Outdoors Day 2011

Clearly, the month of June is all about getting outside. First of all, it’s National Camping Month. Then within the month, we have National Trails Day, the Great American Backyard Campout, and today, National Get Outdoors Day. So what are you waiting for? Get out there  😀

Jason and I took our weekly hike today to get outdoors, and we headed to the Scuppernong Hiking/Skiing Trails that we wanted to hike last weekend. The lack of people today was much more our style. Despite a handful of cars in the parking lot, we only ran into two different people while out on the trail. Perfect!

We hiked the red loop, which is about 2.3 miles.

I absolutely LOVE how the trail begins! We took our family/Christmas card photo here last fall.
Scuppernong Pines

Laura Jacobs & Family

Scuppernong Red Loop

Breakaway point.
Follow the Red

We added on about a quarter mile by hiking a loop to a scenic overlook. The last time Jason and I hiked out to the overlook, we had Bailey and Thea with us and we encountered a family picnicking pretty much in the middle of the trail. Needless to say, we didn’t get a good sense of the view that time.

Scenic Overlook This Way!

Gray day.
Scenic Overlook

Jason spotted some deer tracks.

A few other shots from the Observation Loop included…

Pretty in Pink



Someone’s getting good with the telephoto lens  🙂

It sounds bad to say it, but my favorite parts of the trail are the beginning and the end 😐  The reason they are my favorites are the tall pine trees they’re surrounded by. Isn’t it fabulous?

Tall Pines

The weather couldn’t have been better for hiking today. Gone were the heat and humidity. It was actually a little cool and overcast but without rain.

Another good hike in the books!

Hiking Scuppernong


Sunday Hike: Ice Age Trail, Pre-Downpour

This was a lazy week for me. A combination of factors zapped any motivation to workout. First, there was the trauma of Wednesday’s sad turn of vacation events. Second, I played hostess to candidates for an open position in our office, four of them for full-day interviews. By the time I got home each evening, I was just ready to crash.

Since the laziness extended into Saturday, today was about getting back on track. Jason and I started our day with a 2-mile run. Then, since it’s Sunday, we headed out of town for our weekly hike.

We didn’t go far by vehicle and didn’t get far on foot. We checked the radar en route to the trailhead only to discover a huge blob of green, yellow, and red headed our way. Only about a half mile into the hike, we heard the first rumble of thunder. We promptly turned around. It was while we were out, though.

Middle of nowhere.
Duffin Road

The signs aren’t very unique 😉
Ice Age Trail

The woods were thick along this portion of the trail.
Thick Woods

Flowers galore.



The photos got a little blurry. No time to stop.
The Trail Home

Rain's A Comin'

As a point of reference, the Ice Age Trail shelter we checked out a few weeks ago is on top of this hill…


Jason and I are invited to a friend’s for a bonfire this evening. I hope the rain passes in time for that to still happen. If it doesn’t, at least we got to see Jason’s Grandpa’s burn pile going up in flames  🙂

Burn Pile at Grandpa's

(Yay for fun with instagr.am 😀 )


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