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Fish, Not Duck or Woodchuck

Tonight, we headed to a Walworth County institution for fish: The Duck Inn. This is one of those places where our parents went for fish and our parents’ parents. In fact, Grandpa Jacobs joined us for dinner tonight at this classic supper club.

The Duck Inn offers fried cod, baked cod, or a combo plate. I went with the combo, which included a large baked cod fillet and three small pieces of the fried cod. I also had to have a little coleslaw, because I actually like The Duck Inn’s coleslaw. It’s not creamy, but a vinaigrette-style coleslaw. A lot lighter and more flavorful, if you ask me.

Non-creamy coleslaw.

They had my favorite wine, Staller Estate’s Horizon Cuvée. Makes sense seeing the winery is right across the road.

Unlike most places I’ve been, The Duck Inn has excellent baked cod. It’s always well seasoned and the fillets are always firm. Baked or broiled fish tends to be bland and almost watery. Here, it’s actually better than the fried  😯 . Speaking of which, the fried was a little bland tonight and wasn’t as good as it’s been on past occasions. Maybe it was just an off night.

After dinner, we dropped Grandpa off at home. As we pulled into his driveway, we spotted a woodchuck hightailing it for cover. Now, we’ve had woodchucks at our house before, and they are not good. When we had our woodchuck issue, I made Jason trap them and release them elsewhere. This worked for the two younger ones, but not for Big Mama. Big Mama went to Grandpa’s to get shot  🙁

I’m guessing the same fate will await this one, but tonight was not that time.

Yes, Jason, I’m going to take a picture of you with the gun.

Just another fishy start to the weekend  😀


3rd Annual Peninsula Camping Trip – September 2010

Jason and I made our third annual camping trip to Door County and Peninsula State Park. For the first time, we included Bailey in our regular trip. Having a dog along definitely altered some of our usual routines, primarily shopping 🙂 . But she also added a lot of fun!

Bailey Keeps Watch Over the Fire

We arrived to Peninsula State Park around 4:00pm and started setting up camp. Bailey had a bit too much energy, so I was mainly in charge of keeping her occupied while Jason put up our screen room and tent.

We made beef stew and bannock for dinner. And of course, we made s’mores – fudge stripe cookie s’mores! I also used my newest camping gear acquisition: a stainless steel wine glass. It is awesome! And to make it even better, I found mini bottles of Wollersheim Winery’s Prairie Fume!

My New Wine Glass!

My New Wine Glass and the Perfect Bottle of Wine

Topping the night off was an amazing moon over the lake. We tried our best to capture it in a photo, but we’re definitely not that good yet.

Moon & Reflection

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