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You may have heard that a little snow storm hit the Midwest this week 🙂

Things got pretty wicked around here Tuesday afternoon and overnight into Wednesday. Heavy snow. Brutal winds. Impassable roads.

You know, I remember being bummed when I started college and the idea of a snow day vanished. We were a tough bunch at UW-Madison, and classes were never canceled even during the worst of winter weather. Going into the college student services profession, I figured I would never again see a snow day.

Wrong! I happen to work for a university that seems to cancel classes at least once a year for winter weather. Wimpy? Maybe. Do I mind. No way!

Just a little bit of snow out there…

I spent my snow day with these bums.

I only went outside once to snap some pictures while letting the dogs out. True, I’ve come to love the outdoors. But not at this time of the year.

Beautifully smooth snow in the backyard.

Thea surveying the damage.

Size 7 feet in size 16 boots 🙂

Shout out to our awesome neighbor Tommy for plowing us out first thing this morning. I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has given us this winter with snow removal. He’s the best!

Special Winter Photography

Jason and I ventured out to our country lot this weekend. Jason borrowed a field camera from a buddy, and he wanted to set it up hopefully to catch some photos of deer. We have known that there are a lot of deer roaming around the lot, and the tracks in the snow just confirm it.

I took my camera along to get some of our first winter photos of our land.

Jason blazing a trail for me through the deep snow.

The old white glider covered in snow.

Can you see some of the tracks?

A nice view from the top of our hill.

Winter Oak

Signs of lots of activity.

This “track” really freaked me out – I had visions of a huge snake roaming around the area. Jason tells me it was probably a squirrel. I’ll go with him.

Not a lot out there but snow and branches.

Securing the field camera in place.

Bonus: A little bit of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.

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