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A Fall Full of Badgers

It’s official: Jason and I are new Badger football season ticket holders! We are super pumped and looking forward to a fall full of Badger football.

For the last few years, we have been going to a few games each season. This included traveling with friends to the Big Ten Football Championship Game in December 2012. It was an unexpectedly awesome game. It may be the most incredible sporting event that I’ve attended (so far), and that includes going to the Rose Bowl in 2000.


Last spring, we intentionally started to set ourselves up to request season tickets for the 2013 season. And in a roller coaster of a week, we found out that we got them only days after learning about Thea’s tumor. But that’s life I guess, full of ups and downs.

Expect to see a lot of the UW-Madison campus and Badgers fun on the blog starting in September. There’s nothing better!

A Great Moment in Wisconsin Sports

Fans of Wisconsin sports are experiencing a moment like no other right now. The Milwaukee Brewers are in the playoffs. The Wisconsin Badgers are having a stellar season, especially after their huge win against Nebraska in their Big Ten home opener (Nebraska’s Big Ten debut). The Green Bay Packers are, of course, coming off of their Super Bowl win and their season is also off to a great start. (And let’s hope their winning streak continues, because as I write this, they are down by seven against Atlanta  😐 ).

Jason and I have been lucky to partake in some of the action this season. As a University of Wisconsin alum, it’s always special for me to get to a Badger Football game. We haven’t been to a game in two years – We passed on tickets last fall due to another big investment. This fall, we attended the Badger home opener, a night game against UNLV, as well as the game against Oregon State. We’ll be headed back to Madison next Saturday when the Badgers take on Indiana.

Wisconsin v UNLV – September 1, 2011

College Friends Are the Best Friends

Family in Red

Home of the Badgers

On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin v Oregon State – September 10, 2011

Badgers v Oregon State

I Burned My Hand

As for baseball, Jason and I are fortunate enough to have tickets to one game in each of the playoff series. Each year, Jason goes in on a 20-game package of Brewers tickets. In August, they received their notice about playoff tickets, and we knew we’d regret it if we didn’t get them. We made it to Game 2 in the National League Division Series.

Post Season Baby!

2011 NLDS

Beer v Snakes

Family in Blue

Terrible Towels

We hope that we make it to one of the games against the Saint Louis Cardinals. Each of the guys who went in on the tickets picked numbers, one for each of the three potential series, to decide who would get first choice, second choice, etc. of game to attend, and we got the last home game – Game 6 – for the current series. Of course, this does mean the Brewers will need to lose. But we really want to go another game, and it would be fabulous to be there when they seal a trip to the World Series!

Unfortunately, no Packers games on the docket for us. However, I did enter to win tickets through the Wisconsin Department of Tourism – Travel Wisconsin – so fingers crossed  🙂

It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin!

My Husband the Golf Pro

The final component to our busy weekend was taking our niece Reagan out for her first golf lesson. My mother-in-law had a golf outing this week and wanted to hit the driving range with my golf pro of a husband, so it was the perfect opportunity for Reagan to try out the new golf clubs she received for her birthday.

The sun was appreciated; the heat and humidity were not.
Driving Range on a Hot Sunday

Jason leads Reagan through some warm-up stretches.
Warming Up

Is it wrong that I’m jealous of Reagan’s clubs?
Kids Clubs

I can’t be too jealous. After all, I’m rockin’ a Badger theme with my clubs.
Laura's Badger-Themed Golf Gear

First up: Lining up to the tee.
Working on Her Stance

Next: Learning how to swing the club.
Some Swing Assistance

Look at that form!
Excellent Form

Jason was everyone’s coach that day. I hadn’t been golfing since last summer, and I wasn’t hitting too terribly. My only issue – which is actually a bit of a problem – was a nasty slice, or push to the left. Jason helped me make a couple of corrections, but practice is going to be needed.

After helping his mom, me, and Reagan, Jason broke out his driver to hit a few. He’s seriously awesome!

Time for the Big Hitter to Go

Awesome Driver

We were only out for about a half hour to an hour, but the heat kicked our butts. We had a great time and can’t wait to take Reagan out again, but we’ll aim for a slightly cooler day.

Question of the Day

  • Golf: Love it or hate it?


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