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What Can We Cram Into a Weekend?

Jason and I are pretty smart travelers. We’ve never forgotten anything major and we’re often fully prepared for the journey ahead. However, Jason and I are rather dumb pre-travelers. We do a stellar job of leaving ourselves with an insane amount to do in the days just before we leave on big trips.

I must commend us this time around, though. Instead of leaving everything for the day before we leave like usual, we’re trying to crank through as much as possible two days before. Progress  🙂

Friday night, we headed out for fish with the Brother-In-Law, Jeremy, and Jason’s grandpa Don. We went to what is fast becoming a regular dining choice for our family: The Main Street Family Restaurant in fancy, schmancy Palmyra, WI. We’re living large here, people  😉

Jason and I don’t frequent this diner for dinner, but we are huge fans of their breakfast. (And we satisfied that breakfast craving the very next morning  🙂 ) Friday night, it was all about fish.

Seriously, I need a better point-and-shoot camera for my dining adventures.

I enjoyed their three-piece breaded cod as did Jason. Jeremy and Grandpa had the beer battered cod. They also offered baked, but apparently only in limited quantities. They served the last of it to a table nearby. Each entree came with salad or soup, bread, and coleslaw.

Our only real complaint was the service. Jeremy and Grandpa being regulars, they know who the good waitresses are…and we did not get one. We waited an unacceptably long time for our soups and salads, refills were sparse, and the attitude was not appreciated. It’s not a make-or-break for us, since we know that most of the other ladies are really nice.

As for their breakfasts, they are AMAZING! I always get the vegetarian skillet, which is super yummy. Jason gets their ham & cheese omelets, and he absolutely LOVES their hash browns compared to anywhere else he’s been. If you like good diner breakfasts, you must stop here.


After breakfast on Saturday, Jason and I ran to the nearby Columbia outlet in search of some more vacation clothes. I scored some good deals and brought home a few new tops and, very excitedly, two pairs of shorts! I can never find shorts that fit me well, so it was a pretty big deal.

When we got back into town, we headed over to a wedding reception for our neighbors who got married in Las Vegas a couple months ago (Congratulations again Tommy and Laura!!). Then it was back home to get some stuff done before heading out for dinner. We picked up a couple of pizzas and drove out to the lake for dinner with Luke and Amy and their awesome 16-month old twins. They are seriously the cutest kids ever  🙂  They almost make me want one of my own, but…well, not really  😉

Today, we have been plowing through laundry like crazy. We broke for lunch at Jason’s dad’s place. As much as I didn’t want to face the mound of to-dos waiting for us at home, I really didn’t want to sit out in the sweltering heat any longer (it feels close to 100° out there  😯 ). When we got home, I wrote my weekly post for StudentBranding.com. And after this, I’m prepping some Yosemite 2010 recap posts for this week followed by completing that Yosemite 2010 scrapbook once and for all (no, I’m not done yet  😳 ). Then, packing. Sounds like a good time…


Fish Fry Without the Fry

Long time, no see. I’ve been MIA from the blog this week. Time has seemingly gotten away from me, but it’s time to get back on track  🙂

Since we had our niece over to camp in the backyard last Friday, we skipped Friday fish fry. So in the spirit of getting back on track, we headed out for our regular Friday night fare. Tonight, we went to another (former) Whitewater area institution, the Cold Spring Inn.

I added the “former” since it’s no longer the hoppin’ place Jason and I remember from childhood. Growing up, Cold Spring was that place where everyone seemed to go. It was always busy. Times have definitely changed. If you go on a regular weeknight, you will often be at one of maybe two or three occupied tables. Friday nights are busier, but the crowd is very different from what I remembered as a kid. Not to be snobby, but the crowd is decidedly white trash. Sorry  😕

The other sketchiness – all of the employees that you can see are thin, adolescent girls. No boys, no “adults.” It’s like a restaurant run by children. Mildly creepy.

Having said that, the food at the Cold Spring Inn is AWESOME!

I had the steamed cod with a baked potato. If you ever wanted a “healthier” version of a fish fry, this is probably it.

Jason enjoyed their combo option of fish and chicken. He loves their chicken – it’s baked, not fried, and the seasoning is excellent.

Other high points include a nice salad bar with good soup. (Well, at least they usually have good soups. Tonight’s options, creamy asparagus and cheesy seafood, did not sound appealing 😐 ) Beyond the fish fry, the rest of their menu is pretty tasty. Jason really enjoys their burgers. I like their fried shrimp.

I both like and dislike the Cold Spring Inn. Great food, not so great atmosphere. I don’t know what happened to it over the last few decades, but I miss the restaurant from my memories.


Fish, Not Duck or Woodchuck

Tonight, we headed to a Walworth County institution for fish: The Duck Inn. This is one of those places where our parents went for fish and our parents’ parents. In fact, Grandpa Jacobs joined us for dinner tonight at this classic supper club.

The Duck Inn offers fried cod, baked cod, or a combo plate. I went with the combo, which included a large baked cod fillet and three small pieces of the fried cod. I also had to have a little coleslaw, because I actually like The Duck Inn’s coleslaw. It’s not creamy, but a vinaigrette-style coleslaw. A lot lighter and more flavorful, if you ask me.

Non-creamy coleslaw.

They had my favorite wine, Staller Estate’s Horizon Cuvée. Makes sense seeing the winery is right across the road.

Unlike most places I’ve been, The Duck Inn has excellent baked cod. It’s always well seasoned and the fillets are always firm. Baked or broiled fish tends to be bland and almost watery. Here, it’s actually better than the fried  😯 . Speaking of which, the fried was a little bland tonight and wasn’t as good as it’s been on past occasions. Maybe it was just an off night.

After dinner, we dropped Grandpa off at home. As we pulled into his driveway, we spotted a woodchuck hightailing it for cover. Now, we’ve had woodchucks at our house before, and they are not good. When we had our woodchuck issue, I made Jason trap them and release them elsewhere. This worked for the two younger ones, but not for Big Mama. Big Mama went to Grandpa’s to get shot  🙁

I’m guessing the same fate will await this one, but tonight was not that time.

Yes, Jason, I’m going to take a picture of you with the gun.

Just another fishy start to the weekend  😀


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