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Anniversary in Yosemite

Where are we in my recap of our time in Yosemite this past June?

Our third full day in the park was the whole reason behind our choice of vacation location. Jason and I celebrated five years of marriage!


We look so young!

Apparently one day of rest after our intense hike wasn’t enough, so we spent our anniversary hanging out around Yosemite Valley. We started with a visit to Yosemite Falls. For the first time in any of our trips, there was no crowd. It was glorious.




The only real plans we had for the day was a nice lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel. We opted for lunch instead of dinner to save some money (plus, we weren’t going to miss out on any Pizza Deck dinners).


I had the pastrami reuben with red potato salad. The sandwich was good, but the potato salad was a little bland.


Jason had the french dip sandwich. He felt the same way about his lunch as I did about mine. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as he thought it would (or should) be.


Even though our food was a little disappointing, it didn’t matter to me. All that mattered was that I was in my favorite place with my favorite person on our special day.


We spent the rest of the day in Yosemite Village, exploring the visitor center and shopping at the Village Store. Finally, we took in the evening program at the Curry Amphitheater: the showing of a few episodes of Yosemite Nature Notes.


Watching great Yosemite films in the shadow of Half Dome while sitting next to the love of my life? So perfect!

California Vacation 2011: Stop in Yosemite Valley

After two and a half fabulous days in Tuolumne Meadows, it was time to head out 🙁  As part of our Plan B once our High Sierra loop trip was kaput, Jason and I decided to head south to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. But first, a quick side trip to Yosemite Valley!

Being the masochistic vacationers we are, we set our alarms for 5:30am. We wanted to get to the Valley as early as we could…without hating ourselves for it later 😕 We successfully pulled out of Tuolumne Meadows around 6:00am and were down to the Valley around 7:30am, just in time to enjoy the breakfast buffet at the Curry Village Pavilion.

From breakfast, we headed to the next logical place: the Village Store for souvenir shopping. I am sad to report that I purchased nothing  🙁  We must have hit a good year last summer, because there was nothing cute this time around. From there, we stopped by the Ansel Adams Gallery to check out Sequoia/Kings Canyon prints. I was also hoping to find a special piece of jewelry to remind me of the trip. Again, no luck  😥 However, I was told that I could be a hand model. I should totally pursue that  😉

Half Dome looming above us.
Half Dome

We checked out Yosemite Falls, which was still going due to the heavy snowfall. While I know that it was impressive for this time of year, it was still nothing compared to what we saw last summer (or what had to be going on this June).

While waiting for the bus, we met this good-looking little friend.
Steller's Jay

Yosemite Falls

The dry creek bed below the falls. Definitely not dry last June.
Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

Then, it was time for the real reason behind our Valley visit.

The Curry Village Pizza Patio!
Pizza Patio


Well, it wasn’t all about pizza. I couldn’t imagine visiting Yosemite and not seeing the Valley.

Of course, we were quickly reminded why we stayed in the High Country. There are too many people in the Valley, and many of them are just plain rude. We bore witness to plenty of stupidity in the three/four hours we spent down there. It was bittersweet driving out of the Valley to head south.

Yosemite Valley

Goodbye Yosemite. Until we meet again…
Goodbye Yosemite

Recap of Yosemite 2010, Days 3 and 4

Jason and I are currently enjoying our final full day in Yosemite National Park. Tomorrow, we’ll be up early to drive into Yosemite Valley for some shopping and pizza. Plus, I don’t think I could visit the park without visiting the Valley. Then, we’ll be headed south to Sequoia/Kings Canyon!

Onto the next installment of my Yosemite 2010 recap!


Day 3 – June 7, 2010

The day began with deer hanging out by our tent cabin…

Which was followed by our first bear! Note: That was NOT our tent cabin. I was religious about using our bear box properly.
Our First Bear!

A visit to the base of Yosemite Falls.
Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

It was a little wet crossing the footbridge.
Yosemite Falls

We hiked to Mirror Lake.
Mirror Lake

Half Dome from a different vantage point.
Half Dome

We visited the Ahwahnee Hotel twice: Once for a photography workshop and again for an evening guided “stroll.”
The Ahwahnee Hotel

Evening Stroll


Day 4 – June 8, 2010

Day 4 was a biggie! A 7-mile hike up to Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. Our “Adventure Hike.”
Let's Do This!

Our initial crew. The older couple dropped out about half a mile in.
Adventure Hike Crew

Just a little water.
Adventure Hike

Vernal Fall
Vernal Fall

View from the top of Vernal Fall. Along the left, you can make out the Mist Trail that we hiked up. “Mist” was a bit of an understatement.
Beauty at the Halfway Point

Next Stop: Nevada Fall.
Nevada Fall

Hiking with out guide and staring up in awe.

Nevada Fall

Getting Closer...

Made it to the top!
We Made It!!

Nevada Fall

The view from where we sat for lunch.
Our Lunch Lookout

What goes up must come down. Time to head back.
Nevada Fall

Half Dome

Happy Hikers

Our Adventure

All Done!


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